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Welcome to Bridgeview Dental!

Per the strongly suggested recommendation from the Provincial Dental Board of Nova Scotia regarding COVID-19, our clinic is currently closed for all non-essential and elective dental procedures, with an anticipated reopening date of March 31, 2020.

We will continue to be available for our patients for dental emergencies involving acute pain, infection, swelling, post-operative issues and trauma. Current patients may contact Dr. Halpin via text at 902-441-6964 for advice and assessment. We will go into the clinic as needed for dental emergencies upon the dentists’ discretion.

Current patients may email our Office Manager Dawn at: at any time during the closure for advice or questions. This is the only email we will have access to during the closure.

All appointments booked between March 17th and March 30th are considered cancelled and our team will contact patients to rebook upon our reopening.

Demandforce – our automated confirmation system – will continue to send out reminders for appointments we have cancelled.


*Only reminders sent for appointments after March 30th are valid*

Here is a link to the PDBNS website, where they are posting daily updates on COVID-19 and how it affects the dental profession within Nova Scotia:

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Andrew Halpin B.Sc., D.D.S. welcomes you to his general family dentistry practice in the Clayton Park West area of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Halpin is a dentist who runs a patient-centered family dental practice. We function as the primary source of dental care for all members of a family beginning around age one. We place emphasis on preventive dental services to preserve your dental health and prevent or delay the start of new dental disease.

New patients of all ages are welcome in our practice.

Bridgeview Dental deals with all phases of dentistry from general to cosmetic, including the following: