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Pier-Anne has returned from maternity leave!

Her new schedule is:

Mondays 12pm-8pm

Wednesdays 8am-5pm

Thursdays 8am-5pm

Fridays 8am-5pm

We are thrilled to have her back!

We know many patients were waiting for her return.

Contact us for your dental hygiene appointment with Pier-Anne!

Welcome to Bridgeview Dental!


Andrew Halpin B.Sc., D.D.S. welcomes you to his general family dentistry practice in the Clayton Park West area of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Dr. Halpin is a dentist who runs a patient-centered family dental practice. We function as the primary source of dental care for all members of a family beginning around age one. We place emphasis on preventive dental services to preserve your dental health and prevent or delay the start of new dental disease.

New patients of all ages are welcome in our practice.

Bridgeview Dental deals with all phases of dentistry from general to cosmetic, including the following: